Project Description

Vanguard Self Storage, Bristol

KB2 are the engineers for a new large storage building being built in east Bristol by Tercon and working with Oxford Architects.  The scheme will provide over 6,000m2 of storage space, office accommodation, a cafe and a large atrium which will house an original decommissioned English Electric Lightening jet fighter to be suspended from the roof structure.

The site is adjacent to a large existing brick building and is sloping from front to back.  At the rear of the building there will be a 2 storey high retaining wall designed to allow the building to extend into the sloping ground. The front of the building will be clad largely with glazing to create a contemporary and interesting facade.  Below ground the site is situated over 2 main sewers which crisscross the site and will need to be bridged by the new structure.  Due for completion in 2018.