Project Description

Structural Reports for PV Arrays

KB2 is a leading supplier of structural reports for PV arrays and we offer an unrivalled service to PV array installers. As the demand for renewables increases so does the demand for structural engineers to provide surveys to satisfy the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

Why a Structural Report?

A solar energy installation is a significant, long term investment, which is why it is vital to ensure a roof is suitable. In order to benefit from the Feed-in Tariff an installation must be fitted by an MCS accredited installer and have a structural engineer’s report. This report should contain not only an assessment of the dead loads of the arrays themselves, but also of imposed loads such as snow and servicing, as well as increased wind loads.

KB2 wind load assessments include geographical location, roof pitch, pressure, uplift and suction, and indicate how loading varies across a surface, as standard.

Desktop Survey

A desktop survey is a cost effective and fast way to commission a structural report. It relies on you, the installer, to provide structural drawings or measurements. It is commonly used for domestic installations.

Engineer’s Survey

An engineer’s survey involves a site visit by one of our specialist team. It is used for commercial or complex structures and residential properties where there are concerns about a roof’s condition. Structural surveys for office blocks, agricultural buildings, schools and churches are common.