Project Description

Saltford Pre-school

KB2 worked together with GCP Architects to create a new £360k day nursery and pre-school, Saltford Pre-school, in Saltford, near Bath. The building is new, detached, and single-storey, located within the grounds of Saltford Primary School. The nursery incorporates new  classrooms and a play space along with WC facilities, kitchens and storage areas.

KB2 designed the timber frame structure with long-span glulam beams forming the roof. The ground floor is constructed of a beam and block floor spanning between sleeper walls on strip foundations. The curved walls of the building are formed with sheathed timber stud walls. The glulam beams support the cantilever roof outside, forming a canopy over the play area.

The site of the new building was previously occupied by a number of small trees and vegetation. KB2 commissioned a ground investigation which highlighted that the ground was clay, and was at risk of swelling as a result of the removal of the trees. The ground floor slab and foundations were then designed to avoid this movement affecting the structure.