Project Description

Care Homes, Epilepsy Society

KB2 were invited to advise on the structural engineering of three new care homes  and a state-of-the-art research centre for the Epilepsy Society with a combined construction value of £9 million.

Our appraisal of the generic ground conditions was augmented by a limited probe and bore hole investigation. This established the presence of chalk underlying an upper superficial layer of gravel and clay with variable composition.

The appraisal confirmed that the site is susceptible to instability associated with the collapse of dissolution features within the underlying chalk – a potential problem. As a result, more detailed site investigations were undertaken and showed greater variations in the strength of the superficial deposits than were previously thought.

Foundation type varies correspondingly across the site, in response to the conditions. These include concrete piles, deep strips and reinforced concrete rafts.

The care homes use masonry load-bearing  structures with pre-cast concrete floors. The research centre has open plan areas for laboratories and uses a two storey steel frame construction method.