Project Description

Bath Fertility Clinic

Bath Fertility Clinic is a £1.3 million fertility clinic located in Peasedown St John just outside Bath.

KB2 provided the civil and structural design services from scheme design to construction completion. Initially appointed directly by the client, we were novated to the contractor when the tender was awarded.

The building is a single storey timber frame structure incorporating eye-catching Trespa cladding and feature glazing. Timber framing was chosen for the joint benefits of speedy construction and sustainability.

The light, airy and welcoming reception area required by the brief is achieved using clear storey glazing and load transfer structures to allow the space to be open plan. The laboratory areas within the clinic are highly serviced with sensitive vinyl finishes.

The results of soakaway tests favoured the use of an on-site storm water storage and soakaway system in line with SUDs requirements. Parking bays were constructed from a high strength gravel retention grid providing a permeable surface, reducing the requirements for surface water storage.

KB2 worked closely with the architect and cost consultants to deliver the scheme economically without compromising the strong environmental ethos or architectural vision.